Preis 255,00 EUR
Colorway Black / Red / Blue
Product-Code 38817101

Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg

The Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg is a shoe from the second collaboration between Puma and the designer Dapper Dan. You will receive the most important release information from us in this article.

Dapper Dan is a designer from New York and is primarily associated with the hip-hop scene. His clients include rappers like Jay Z and LL Cool J. You may also know him from his 2017 collection, which he launched with Gucci. Together with Puma he is now dropping a second collection, which should pay homage to Dapper Dan's roots in Harlem. The Puma Clyde Vtg is part of this collection and is now available in a second colorway.

Actually, the design is relatively simple. The sneaker has a black base layer with a patterned overlay. This overlay adorns the pattern specially designed by Dapper Dan and is found throughout the collection. Otherwise, the Puma Swoosh is embellished with rhinestones, giving it a certain luxurious touch.

When can I purchase the Puma sneaker?

Unfortunately, no official release date has been set yet. So far, the collection has only been announced via pictures. We've heard that it will be ready in March and that the collection including the Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg will drop. So that you don't lose sight of the release under any circumstances, you should use a function of the free Dead Stock app for mobile phones.

You can use the flame emoji to favor this drop. Thus, the Puma Clyde Vtg ends up in its own overview, which you can open with just one click. If the release date changes, you will see it immediately. If you want to be notified before the drop, you can set this via the bell.

Where can I buy the Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg?

You can buy the Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg in the shops linked here. However, since the sneaker has not yet been officially confirmed, there is still no shop that has listed the shoe with the item number 38817101. You will then find all of our shops linked here. On the release day you only have to choose one and then you will hopefully get the Puma Clyde Vtg for a retail price of around 255.00 euros.

As already mentioned, there is unfortunately no official release date yet, but you can assume that the Puma Clyde Vtg will appear in the Puma online store. Certainly one or the other retailer will also be added. We will of course include all shops in our release overview.

Otherwise, feel free to check our other social media channels so that you don't miss any information from the sneaker world. If you don't already have our free Dead Stock mobile app , you should really consider downloading it because it can be a great help in getting your favorite sneakers for retail.

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Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
Dapper Dan Puma Clyde Vtg
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