Preis 289,95 EUR
Colorway Steel Grey /Vapor Grey
Product-Code 4703R-2009

BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II

With the BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II, an exciting collaboration will soon appear. All information relevant to this release can be found in this post.

BISSO is one of the best-known sneakerheads in France. Raised in Guadeloupe, his interest in sneakers began to blossom in the mid-80s. The television show HIPHOP is responsible for this, more precisely the adidas Americana that all the breakdancers wear there. In 2000 he moved away from Guadeloupe to Toulouse.

The forthcoming KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II is inspired by BISSO's hobby, street fishing. Street fishing is a fun fishing sport where you cast your line and bait in the waters in the middle of the city. In fact, a rich and diverse fauna is often hidden in the city canals or lakes. Bisso found his inspiration in this urban environment, surrounded by gray concrete buildings or the orange bricks typical of the south of France. It is precisely this mixture of concrete and nature that can be found on the sneaker. A touch of pink and orange from the fish and a green that is reminiscent of the colors of the water further enhance the color of the whole thing.

When can I buy the KangaROOS sneaker?

The KangaROO x BISSO will be released on December 8th. This is a midnight release, so the sneaker goes online at 00:00. The shoe is perfect for everyday style, because on the one hand it combines simple tones and can be combined with many styles. Have you heard about our free Dead Stock app for smartphones?

You can set a reminder function in the app if you don't want to miss the BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II. Click on the week, select a time and you will receive a message on your mobile phone before the release.

Where can I buy the BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II?

The collaboration between BISSO and KangaRoos symbolizes the symbiosis between nature and city. If the special design of the sneaker appeals to you and you want to hit the drop, then this overview is the right place for you. Stop them here shortly before the release and hit one of the linked shops.

Currently, the KangaRoos x BISSO is only at 43einhalb. Therefore, the numbers are probably kept rather small. If other shops are added, we will link them to you in the release overview. The cost of the KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II is around 290 euros. By the way, the sneaker has the item number 4703R-2009.

Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook channels in the future so you don't miss any more news! We wish you every success with the release and of course lots of fun wearing the sneakers. If you haven't already toyed with the idea, download the free Dead Stock app, it will help you enormously to fulfill your grails.

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BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II
BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II
BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II
BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II
BISSO KangaROOS Rainbow Trout II
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