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BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner

After we presented the product SOLEQUAKE from BAMA Urban Elements on Instagram last year, the range of the Buchholz-based company has continued to grow. Reason enough to bring you a little closer to the completely new Sneaker Cleaner.

URBAN ELEMENTS is an innovative line of products specifically designed to clean and protect your favorite sneakers. The young development team from BAMA examined the special needs of sneakerheads across Germany and checked them for maximum relevance with store owners, well-known sneaker influencers and Gerald from Sneakercleanik.

Every sneaker – regardless of whether it is new or already worn – is exposed to the daily risk of adverse influences from the street or its surroundings. Rain, mud and dirt want to permanently get to the leather or mesh of the midsole and the upper.

In order to be able to counteract these daily stresses in the urban sneaker environment, every collector needs effective and at the same time material-friendly products that offer the greatest possible degree of sustainability. In addition to a powerful midsole cleaner, he needs an effective cleaner for the dirty upper and a protective impregnator for prevention. An efficient odor killer is currently still under development. All of these products are needed if you want your shoes to last as long as possible. Especially in the cold season!

When can you buy the BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner?

The individual parts of the collection are all currently available in the online shop. Only the pack is currently sold out and should arrive again in the next few days. The shop link to all products can be found in this post.

Currently there is 10% on all items with the code: DEADSTOCK10

Where can you buy the BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner?

All BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner items are currently only available in the BAMA Urban Elements online shop.

Should the long-awaited easing finally come into force in the course of the next few weeks, the products from BAMA Urban Elements will be available in specialist shops and other stores. In this regard, we would like to refer you to our app, because there you can get all the information directly on your smartphone!

BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner
BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner
BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner
BAMA Urban Elements Sneaker Cleaner
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