The best Carhartt shorts for summer

Carhartt Short Double Knee

Slowly but surely we are reaching temperatures where you dare to wear shorts and a hoodie. And, if we're honest: is there anything better? Fresh air around your legs and a perfect hoodie that blocks every gust of wind. We love it and are absolutely celebrating the season. But, for the perfect look, you need the perfect pair of shorts. That's where Carhartt comes in handy, because all in all we're convinced that you can get the best cuts for a good price there. We have selected our favorite Carhartt shorts for you.

When we looked around the Carhartt store, we were blown away by how many different shorts there are. Here is an A to Z list: American Script, Aviation, Bail Swim, Calder, Chase Sweat, Chase Swim, Clover, Cole Cargo, Colston, Council, Craft, Double Knee, Duster, Elmwood, Flint, Island Swim, John Short, Landon, Lawton, Master, Nelson, Newel, Presenter, Regular Cargo, Ruck Single Knee, Rune, Swim, Seek, Sid, Simple, Single Knee, Slater, Sumor, Terrell SK, Wesley, Wynton, W Brandon, W Collins, W Craft, W Pierce, W Tamas Tropics, W Tristin. And we don't want to rule out the possibility that we might have overlooked this or other Carhartt shorts.


We have selected 15 from over 40 models. The number 1, the double knee pants , which is currently enjoying the absolute hype. We have already written a post about the pants here . But the Landon shorts are also getting a lot of attention, and rightly so, in our opinion. But classics like the Single Knee Short and Cole Cargo are also great. Our comfy favorites are the Lawton Carhartt Short and the American Script Sweat Short.

Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 2
Double knee shorts

Carhartt Shorts Look Book 1
Landon shorts

Feel free to check out our favorites below, the images are linked. Of course, there are a few more colors from almost every model. Here you can find all models on

We've also written a few other posts about our Carhartt favorites, including Carhartt t-shirts , hoodies , gadgets and accessories . Have fun shopping for the Carhartt shorts!

Carhartt Short Double Knee
Double knee shorts
Carhartt Short Landon
Landon Short
Carhartt Short Wynton
Wynton Short
Carhartt Short Lawton

Carhartt Short Single Knee
single knee
Carhartt Short Terrell SK
Terrell SK
Carhartt Short Cole Cargo
College Cargo
Carhartt Short Chase Swim
Chase Swim
Carhartt Short American Script
American Script
Carhartt Short Colston
Colston Short
Carhartt Short Flint
Flint Short
Carhartt Short Sumor
Sumor Short
Carhartt Short John
Carhartt Short Tristin
W Tristin
Carhartt Short Brandon
W Brandon

We love the Carhartt shorts and are sure there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, we find the selection for women a little meager, but as a solution we simply recommend the men's shorts in smaller sizes. If you don't want to miss the latest release highlights, please check our release calendar . We pack the latest Carhartt parts for you there too.

Or you can take a look around our free app , where you can find our articles and releases at a glance. There you can favorite releases, set release reminders and receive push notifications. If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels. Have fun rocking the Carhartt shorts.

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Carhartt shorts all in one picture
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 3
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 4
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 5
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 7
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 6
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 8
Carhartt shorts look book 9
Carhartt Shorts Look Book 10
Carhartt Shorts Look Book 11
Carhartt Shorts Look Book 12
Carhartt Shorts Look Book 13
Carhartt Shorts Look Book 14
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 15
Carhartt Shorts Lookbook 16

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