The Cactus Plant x McDonalds collaboration launches on October 3rd

Cactus Plant x McDonalds

Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) is and will remain one of the most creative brands in the fashion and sneaker scene. And is therefore a sought-after collaboration partner. You know the designs of CPFM and Nike . And McDonald's not only sells chicken nuggets, but often partners with artists like Travis Scott, Saweetie and Kid Cudi and creates special menus or goodies here and there. Now there should be a Cactus Plant x McDonalds Collab. Find the latest information here.

In recent years, CPFM's designs have won over the biggest artists and that's why the hype is big and everyone wants to wear something. Despite the hype, or maybe because of it, CPFM remains mysterious. Since launching the brand five years ago, the founder, Cynthia Lu, has never given an interview. That's how the legend was born that she did it all alone in a Brooklyn apartment. If that's true? Or is there a huge group behind CPFM? In any case, we're curious to see if we'll ever hear a peep from her. McDonald's was definitely able to get to know her through her collaboration.


Normally at this point we are talking about sneakers and what they look like. Today we're talking about McDonald's, Big Macs and fries. Cynthia Lu (and possibly other people) designed a special menu box for McDonald's. This box comes with either a Big Mac or 10 chicken nuggets with a fries, drink and a special Cactus Plant Flea Market figure. To be precise: Birdie the Early Bird, Hamburglar, Grimace or Cactus Buddy.


The Cactus Plant x McDonalds special boxes will be available in all participating branches from October 3rd. We doubt whether these boxes will be available outside of the USA. So far there is no further information. But to be completely safe, you should book a flight to the USA now. Unfortunately, we don't know how long the campaign will last. As soon as we know more, you will find all the information in this post here. Bon CPFM appetite.

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels.

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Cactus Plant x McDonald's Dead Stock 1
Cactus Plant x McDonald's Dead Stock 1

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