We visited the eBay Seller Workshop in Cologne

Seller Workshop

You should all be familiar with the eBay authenticity check by now. For those who don't notice anything: eBay's authenticity check has been running since September 1, 2021. All sneakers with a sales price of more than 100 euros — new AND worn — are checked for authenticity by a professional Sneaker Con team and then conveniently sent to the buyer. The eBay team organized a seller workshop for some Cologne sellers on August 10th, in which we were also allowed to take part. Of course we took notes diligently and will tell you here what was going on.


As a reminder: on August 10th it was over 30 degrees. Actually the perfect weather to spend the afternoon at the lake. But when eBay invites, we're of course at the start – especially if the event takes place in the Sturmfreie Bude. Some of you probably don't know the location. The Sturmfreie Bude is on the 29th floor of the Cologne Unicenter. The view is awesome. There you can see the whole of Cologne from above on the terrace and the highlight is and remains – also from above – the Cologne Cathedral. So the location was an 11 out of 10.

Seller Workshop


It is important for eBay to get in touch with sellers. To answer your questions, to hear criticism and praise and to respond to requests. All in all: connect with each other. And that's what an event like this is perfect for. We started at 5:30 p.m. with drinks and snacks. Of course we met some familiar faces. After a lot of nice chats with friends and the eBay team, things got officially started.

Carlo Bellmann, Category Manager Sneaker at eBay, welcomed us and told us some interesting facts about eBay. Did you know that a sneaker is sold on eBay every 18 seconds!? Wild. Malaika Ewald, Senior Marketing Manager Sneakers, reported on various campaigns. In which we and here and there also recognized. Finally, Adis, a pro seller on eBay, had his say. There was a super interesting exchange about how he does it and why he likes to sell on eBay. After the official part, there was a three-course meal in a glass and a bunch of exciting resell stories from everyone involved. Oh and before we forget: there was also a goodie bag. With a really nice eBay sneaker hoodie.


The seller workshop was a great success. We look forward to every opportunity to see old and new faces at events. We are very positively surprised by eBay. At the event, it was important for the team to connect with sellers and respond to requests. That's not really often the case, especially with such a large platform. Hence our tip: Sell your sneakers on eBay! You are in good hands there.


If you are still not convinced, here are the most important hard facts why it is worth selling sneakers on eBay:

  • The sales commission is only 5%
  • The eBay authenticity check does not cost anything extra, it applies to sneakers with a sales price of more than 100 euros
  • After the test, each sneaker gets an NFC tag, with which the shoe can be easily resold and your buyers can see all the important facts about the shoe
  • Uploading shoes is super easy! Just make sure that you photograph your sneakers against a white background and describe them adequately
  • Last but not least: You can also sell used sneakers, that's our highlight

Incidentally, eBay is planning further seller workshops in other cities. Maybe there will be one in your town soon. Of course we also have a recap video and photos at the start!

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels. All current releases can be found here .

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Seller Workshop
Seller Workshop
Seller Workshop
Seller Workshop
Seller Workshop
Seller Workshop

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