Krusty Burger ZX 10000 – latest pickup

Surely you heard about the #restock of the Krusty Burger ZX 10000 via CONFIRMED some time ago. In the end we were lucky enough to get one of the coveted couples and shot what is probably the best release from the Simpsons collab right here in Cologne.

Personally, I was actually really surprised by the extreme comfort of the Krusty Burger ZX10000. The Simpsons series shoe isn't the first 10000 I have in my collection, but I've rarely seen a 10000 model that was as well cushioned as the Krusty version. A real bombshell in terms of comfort – you can just say that.


There are slight deductions from me personally for the colourway. Sure, the concept is coherent and there is definitely a connection to the Simpsons. Everything fits and is super coherent, especially with the small details that adidas has distributed over the shoe. Unfortunately, the ZX 1000 Krusty is not that easy to combine – at least as far as my personal wardrobe is concerned. But in the end I found something and I'm really satisfied with the photos taken in Cologne.

In terms of sizing, I stayed with my US 11.5 as usual. The same size I always wear at adidas. Unfortunately, the Krusty Burger ZX 10000 is now sold out, so willy-nilly you'll have to switch to StockX or KLEKT. If you are still looking for current ZX models, it is best to have a look here .

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Krusty Burger ZX 10000
Krusty Burger ZX 10000
Krusty Burger ZX 10000
Krusty Burger ZX 10000
Krusty Burger ZX 10000

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