Foam Runner Fakes Found at Walmart – Kanye Files Lawsuit

When supply is greater than demand, it's only a matter of time before fakes flood the market. This is nothing new, especially for Yeezy. Sometimes, however, supermarket chains like to take designs as a model and copy them in a really ridiculous way. Walmart didn't show any shyness this time and just offered the customers one-to-one Foam Runner Fakes. Of course, Kanye West didn't put up with that and took Walmart to court.

Fakes are not hard to find. However, we – and the rest of the world – are a little surprised at how brazenly Walmart offers Kanye's Foam Runner as fakes. In fact, the fakes are not “private label”. In Walmart's online shop, just like with Real, you can also buy products from third-party suppliers. This is also the case here. From 25 dollars you can currently buy the fakes in different colourways.


Of course, Yeezy immediately confirmed that these were “unauthorized exact copies”. Kanye West then immediately warned Walmart and asked the company to take the copies offline – unsuccessfully. A lawsuit was then filed. The main point of the lawsuit is that Yeezy these counterfeits cost a lot of money. The filing states that Walmart's sales result in Yeezy losing hundreds of millions of dollars. Sounds logical, you can't buy the Foam Runner for the normal price at the moment and especially not for 25 dollars.

Walmart then spoke up and said that they are not selling the shoes themselves, but third parties and they take the allegations very seriously and will investigate the matter and speak up in court. In the meantime, all models seem to have been taken offline. But you never know when and where the Foam Runner fakes will pop up again. We are excited to see how it goes and will keep you posted.

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Foam runner fakes
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