A Supreme Dunk High sample has surfaced

The last Supreme x Nike silhouettes weren't necessarily the most popular of the moment. The selection was rather obscure. However, this looks very different now. A new sample has emerged: a Supreme Dunk High. The two brands are definitely satisfying the thirst for hype. All the info is in this post.

There has never been a “normal” Dunk High from Supreme that has actually been released. So far only SB Dunks have been released. That's why there was a little discussion after the leak was published as to whether it would be a SB or a normal dunk. It is likely that the dunk has some SB features, e.g. Insole and a hidden SB branding. Until there are official pictures, it will probably remain exciting.


The shoe is packed with the typical Supreme and Swoosh symbolism and comes in a crisp two-tone colourway: black, white and everything made of smooth leather. Only the small details come in red. We already know the design from previous collaborations. We find embroidered lettering everywhere. The well-known Supreme slogan “By Any Means” on the heel, which also features the “NY” Nike logo designed by John Jay . We also find a modified version of the famous “I< 3 New York” lettering (designer: Milton Glasers ) on the edge of the toe box (NO< 3). And a “Supreme Team” lettering on the heel and a “Sup” graphic on the tongue that also echoes John Jay's Nike NYC logo. And last but not least, the “World Famous” lettering on the laces.

Sounds more than it finally is. Overall a very cool take on the Supreme Dunk High. We're excited to see the official pictures and where the hidden SB elements are supposed to be. Of course, there is no release date for the sample yet. If there is more information, you will of course get it immediately from us in the release calendar . If you really don't want to miss anything, download our free app as a matter of urgency. There you can favorite the shoe and you will be informed immediately when it comes out.

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Supreme Dunk High
Supreme Dunk High
Supreme Dunk High
Supreme Dunk High
Supreme Dunk High

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