Nike Air Force 1 Experimental USPS – Lawsuit?

Guys, what's actually going on at Nike right now? After colleagues successfully (and rightly so!) sued Warren Lotas for his apparent dunk fakes, it looks like the previously unreleased Nike Air Force 1 Experimental USPS is about to become a target itself.


In the past year of lawsuits and legal problems, Nike's lawyers have certainly been very busy. The aforementioned Warren Lotas and most recently MSCHF, the company that produced the Lil Nas X Satan Shoe, were most recently sanctioned by the Portland company.

Now, however, Nike has turned the tables on the United States Postal Service and filed a lawsuit against Nike's new Air Force 1 Experimental USPS.

A public relations officer at the postal company recently released the following statement protecting the company's proprietary rights:

“The Postal Service, which receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to fund its operations, protects its intellectual property. Officially licensed products sold in the marketplace expand the affinity for the Postal Service brand and provide incremental revenue through royalties that directly support it. Sales of unauthorized and unlicensed products deny support to the hardworking women and men of the Postal Service.

This is an unfortunate situation where a large brand such as Nike, which aggressively protects its own intellectual property, has chosen to leverage another brand for its own gain. The Postal Service is disappointed in Nike's lack of response to repeated attempts to come to a solution. The Postal Service will take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect its valuable IP rights.”

– USPS on April 01, 2021

So far there has not been or is still no publicly communicated date for a release of the Air Force 1 Experimental USPS, which was obviously inspired by USPS. So let's wait and see how Nike behaves on this topic and whether the shoe will even come onto the market. We will keep you informed about this.

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Air Force 1 Experimental USPS
Air Force 1 Experimental USPS
Air Force 1 Experimental USPS
Air Force 1 Experimental USPS
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