ZX 10000 Krusty Burger – first pictures

Huh, well who would have expected that? The Simpsons make it into the adidas A-ZX series and, in our opinion, launch the adidas ZX 10000 Krusty Burger, a great version of the popular adidas ZX 10000.

But not only that, because apparently in the further course of the adidas A-ZX series there will also be a ZX 1000 dedicated to the more or less popular Springfield bar owner and Duff lover Moe Szyslak. Any pictures are not yet available at this point, but will definitely be submitted by us in the next few weeks. Promised!


The late release of the ZX 10000 Krusty Burger is a bit surprising, because according to our level of experience, the entire series should have been released last year (Corona sends its greetings!). But it doesn't matter, because after the adidas ZX5000 Torsion (for T) flopped a bit, the release is just right.

When and where the model will be available is not yet clear. But 43einhalb will definitely be there, because the colleagues from Fulda are sure to celebrate the release! Overkill, asphaltgold and the Spanish friends from Foot District will also be there.

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ZX10000 Crusty Burger
ZX10000 Crusty Burger
ZX10000 Crusty Burger
ZX10000 Crusty Burger

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