Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery aka Cuban Link

Guys…was there something going on at the Air Force 1 Cuban Link or Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery this weekend? The thing just flew off the shelves and our “heat barometer” is scratching at the 30,000 flames!

In the meantime, the good piece is as good as sold out, but fortunately we have found a shop where you can buy the Air Force 1 Shoelery. So if you're really interested in the model, don't wait too long. We are pretty sure that this shop will be sold out sooner or later.

Currently there are still all sizes from 36.5 to 41. That should serve a large part of the sneaker-loving women among us!

If you are looking for more sneakers, just check the release feed in our free app! If you still have questions about the sizing (how does the shoe actually fit?) then we give you a tip: Take your normal Air Force 1 size, you will definitely ride correctly with it.

FYI: Even if the product images sometimes look a little different in color, this article is about the Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery aka Air Force 1 Cuban Link. There has been an absolute misunderstanding about the colors since the release, because somehow the colors of the product images are sometimes wrong.

EDIT: Sidestep is already sold out again, but you're still lucky with OFFSPRING:

Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery
Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery
Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery

If you are looking for other retailers for this shoe, just check out the following article. We always have overviews for every release on the homepage, so of course you will also find an overview of the Nike Air Force 1 Shoelery aka Cuban Link with us.

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