Reebok x Conor McGregor ZIG Kinetica – latest pickup

Most of us probably already knew about a collaboration between Conor McGregor and Reebok.

The Reebok x Conor McGregor ZIG Kinetica, which was released last week and was celebrated with a massive release party in Berlin, among other things, hasn't really been on the radar of many people yet. Reason enough to feature the model with some cool pictures on our blog.

The ZIG Kinetica's ZigZag cushioning was first introduced to the market in 2010. It consists of three different Reebok technologies: Floatride Fuel, Zig Energy Shell and Zig Energy Bands. The Zig Kinetica – we had already presented the release in another article – is the first model that includes the Zig Kinetica system and combines all three technologies in one silhouette.

The upper of the Reebok x Conor McGregor ZIG Kinetica consists largely of air-permeable mesh, which is intended to save the wearer additional weight. All this is rounded off by the sole just described, which will certainly find favor outside of the MMA cages of this world.

In contrast to the ZIG Kinetica predecessors, this model does not have a strap over the midfoot, but a sophisticated lacing system. Check out the detailed pictures to get a better impression.

If you are interested in one of the two colourways, just take a look at the release overviews and click through the shops. Here and there the good piece is already sold out, but with both models you will surely find one or the other store.

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