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What is street wear?

Streetwear, the “clothing of the street”, is as diverse as it is diverse and has always been an important factor in the fashion industry. In general, it's difficult to define streetwear or to put it in a specific box. We all know that fashion, including streetwear, is subject to constant change and can therefore not really be described.

Nevertheless, one can say that the roots lie in the skate culture of the time, which, for example, already produced brands such as Vision Street Wear. Nowadays streetwear is divided into many small areas. Skatewear, sportswear and clubwear as well as street fashion and urban wear are just a few of them. In order to stay up to date, it is worth visiting this page regularly to be informed about current lifestyle trends. Of course, you can always get more information about streetwear via our free app , which you can download here .

What does the classic streetwear outfit look like?

A classic streetwear outfit definitely includes cool sneakers, which we have ready for you here on our release calendar for current sneaker releases in a large selection. The Air Force 1 or a model from the Jordan range, for example, always works!

We would recommend baggy or fresh jogger pants to go with it. If you prefer a dad sneaker, trousers that are slightly wider and fall loosely on the shoe will definitely fit. Of course, we have also included a good selection for you here on the blog.

For the tops, we rely on oversized shirts and a classic hoodie. If you don't like wearing hooded sweaters, you will find some alternatives such as long sleeves, crewnecks as well as winter and summer jackets. If you're looking for caps or beanies, you won't be disappointed either. Just take a look at the posts entered here and click through the shops listed here, all of which have been our partners for years.

How do you find new trends?

New trends in the streetwear and fashion industry are often set by well-known personalities or musicians. Internationally recognized rappers such as Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky or Kanye West play a major role here and are among the influential personalities in the field. As soon as the industry has recognized these trends, new designs will end up in the shops listed here and provide you with a large selection of incomparable apparel pieces.

Here you will find a selection of the most popular streetwear and fashion stores in Europe. All of the stores listed here belong to our partners and are 100% legit.

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