You always wanted to know what exactly reseller or journeyman means? No problem, in our exclusive sneaker dictionary we explain almost all terms of the scene. And if you can't find a term, please send us a message and we will help you immediately!

To put it simply, resellers are simply resellers. Is reselling legal? How does reselling work and how do you become a reseller? You can get all the answers in this post.

This can happen in different ways. Some only buy for the non-binding sales recommendation and then pass on the pairs profitably. Others, on the other hand, almost become personal shopper at some point and get celebrities and sneakerheads sneakers that they really want, even if the reseller has to pay the higher resale price in this case. Resellers are often demonized by collectors because they are accused of buying everything away from those who want to rock the shoe. Resellers and their offerings are one of the relevant factors for the secondary market and help determine the collector's value of a sneaker. There are now online marketplaces and events that focus on the resale of sneakers.

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Here are some pictures of well-known resellers:

Sneaker reseller on a red Ferrari
Sneaker reseller Nike Off White Dunk
Sneaker Reseller Nike Jordan 1 Trophy Room
Nike off white The Ten

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