91 Nike Blazer Releases

91 Nike Blazer Sneakers already released

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Can you still play basketball in a Nike Blazer today?

Theoretically, you can still play basketball with the sneaker, but in this case you should not buy a Nike Blazer. There are now more contemporary options.

Over the years, the Blazer became a very street-ready sneaker that could also be skated well due to its construction. The vulcanized sole and the resistant leather upper brought the one or other skateboarder to buy a pair of Nike Blazer to sported while driving.

Where to buy Nike Blazer?

The blazer can be bought in both a mid-high and a low top version. Especially popular is the style with the vintage look – the Nike Blazer Mid `77 Vintage. The store list for this is usually relatively long. Depending on the model, you can find them at Snipes, Zalando and Co. You should have the possibility to buy Nike Blazers, if you want to have them. For the more limited styles, the overview of retailers where you can get the respective sneaker is usually much shorter and you might have to go to another city to get the respective colorway.

If you are looking for already released, limited models, you have to look around on the aftermarket. At StockX and co you can get the Off White Blazer or the collabos with Slam Jam or Sacai. Of the classic colorways, the Blazer Mid `77 Vintage Red is very well received.

If you want to buy a pair of blazers in red or Sacai etc, you can look around on various sites and stores. But what will really help you with the upcoming release is the Dead Stock App. Here you can keep up to date with the blazer drops and may have an advantage or two when trying to buy. Are you interested? Then you can get the free Sneaker App here.