8 veja Releases

8 veja Sneakers already released

VEJA – the sneakers for a conscious tomorrow.

In 2005, two successful investment bankers quit their jobs to follow their vision. They want to produce sustainable sneakers in a way that nothing and nobody suffers. This vision became VEJA – an internationally hyped sneaker label.

In times of Fridays for Future, electric vehicles, and vegan diets, it’s no surprise that the label has grown tremendously in recent years. And despite this huge success, VEJA remains true to its own principles. A really exciting company that we take a closer look at in this article and introduce you to the absolute highlights among their sneakers!

VEJA sneakers – it all started with a vision

When the two Frenchmen Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion witnessed on site what fair production by large manufacturers in China really looked like, they decided: there can be no losers – it has to be done differently! The product choice quickly fell on sneakers, because on the one hand they symbolize our generation and on the other hand they are representative for the problems that globalization brings with it.

However, without having a clue about the implementation, the two former investment bankers traveled around the world looking for suppliers for their VEJA sneakers. They found what they were looking for in small companies, many of which were family-owned. The organic cotton, for example, comes from Peru, the rubber from the Amazon. For some things, they use recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester, gradually trying to one day be able to design a completely sustainable shoe. Thus, a vision became a mission with a clear goal: to produce sneakers in a way that does not harm anyone.

The sneaker is manufactured where the raw materials come from: in South America. The Brazilian factories work according to the specifications of the International Labor Organization ILO, which makes the VEJA sneaker five times more expensive than a conventional sneaker. In return, the company deliberately forgoes expensive marketing campaigns and relies on social media.

VEJA stands for fairness all along the line – and that is rewarded! For example, Duchess Meghan was spotted wearing a pair of VEJA sneakers in 2018, and other stars like Emma Watson followed suit. For the label, of course, a great honor and an important step in raising awareness for sustainable and fair production. Because with their mission, they stand for the concern of today’s generation to take personal responsibility and contribute a part to a sustainable future.

The most sought-after VEJA sneakers

With over 20 models, VEJA is no longer a small light, but a global player. Many of the shoes are now even vegan, such as some models of the VEJA Esplar or the VEJA V12. The company also relies on organic or recycled raw materials for the remaining materials. With the Condor and Marlin models, VEJA now even inspires the running community.

VEJA V10 and more

The undisputed top seller of the sneakers is the VEJA V10. Borrowing from the retro style, the V10 is equipped with a thick sole and otherwise kept quite simple. It comes with a leather, B-mesh, flannel or coated organic cotton upper. All the materials used are listed transparently, and some even explain what’s behind them. The brand’s logo – a cut-off V – can be chosen either in bright colors or discreetly in white. If you like it a bit stronger, you can additionally select the panels in another color or a completely colorful variant. The VEJA V12 looks confusingly similar to the V10, but is cut quite a bit narrower.

Also in a similar style are the VEJA Campo. Here, too, the upper is made of leather, but the sole is not quite as present. You can order the Campo either in white leather with a colored logo or completely in color as a special edition.

A bit more eye-catching are models like the VEJA Rio Branco or the VEJA Venturi. They are reminiscent of typical sneakers of yesteryear and especially with the Venturi the curved and thick sole catches the eye. Materials range from alveomesh to leather to ripstop made from recycled plastic bottles. There are plenty of color combinations, which on the VEJA Venturi include the sole.

Despite the use of sustainable materials, vegan products and a high level of environmental awareness, we’re not dealing with eco-footwear here – because visually, VEJA sneakers are in no way inferior to other shoes!

Sustainability as the new standard

The visionary approach and uncompromising commitment to nature is what makes VEJA so unique. In everything they do, they focus on social projects, economic justice and ecological materials. For example, they use rubber and sugar cane for the insole, organic cotton for the fabric, and rice waste for the logo. However, this also means that a new model may require several years of development for the two founders to be truly satisfied.

At the same time, they are transparent about their actions at all times and also show limits quite honestly. For example, in 2015 and 2016 they had to resort to recycled cotton because there was no organic cotton available due to a drought. On their website, they communicate quite openly where VEJA reaches its limits, creating a credibility that no marketing could match.

But for all their commitment, they’ve never considered choosing between design and social responsibility – and simply do both! Not only do the sneakers look brilliant, VEJA has also managed to design them timelessly. they deliberately forgo trends, so you can still wear the shoes in 10 years.

VEJA shows that it can be done differently

Many manufacturers have recognized that nowadays sustainability, conservation of resources as well as social justice are important and use this for their marketing – but in essence they don’t change anything. VEJA, on the other hand, talks openly and honestly about what they do. And it does so without any powdered sugar marketing. It’s no coincidence that transparency has been one of the company’s values from the very beginning and ensures strong trust in the brand.

VEJA’s mission is to one day produce sneakers in such a way that they are made entirely of vegan, environmentally friendly as well as completely fairly produced materials and are absolutely timeless to boot. Not only do they take our throwaway society up a notch, but they also show that sustainability can actually be possible. More of that please!

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