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Salomon – Dedicated to mountain sports

Connection with nature, the ambition to become better and better as well as an irrepressible fun in sports – all this embodies Salomon. The manufacturer is and remains a professional when it comes to equipment for outdoor activities. Reason enough to expand its range in recent years with some hip lifestyle products.

Since stars like Rihanna were photographed with Salomon shoes, a real hype has arisen around the sneakers. And completely rightly so, as we find! Because the shoes are not only visually really ingenious, in them is also a lot of quality and technology. In addition, the company remains true to itself and convinces with down-to-earthness and commitment. A really round thing!

In this article we will take you through the history of Salomon and introduce you to the most popular sneaker silhouettes.

From the stadium to the street: A Salomon story

Annecy is a gorgeous Alpine town in southeastern France and the birthplace of the Salomon brand. Amidst pastel-colored houses, the picturesque cobblestones of the old town and romantic canals, the family’s saw and ski edging workshop was established there in 1947. The father, François Salomon, used his skills to improve ski edges for winter sports tourists, setting the foundation for what would become an internationally successful brand. His son Georges brought the turning point by developing a machine for this purpose. This allowed them to use the time they had gained to develop equipment – the beginning of a success story.

Their further development in the fifties resulted in a technique that revolutionized skiing: “Le Lift” replaced the traditional leather binding straps, making skiing much safer. Other techniques followed, making Salomon the leading manufacturer of ski bindings in the early seventies.

In the coming years, more and more equipment such as ski boots and skis followed, making Salomon a real name in the industry. In 2005, the company was bought by the Finnish sportswear brand Amer Sports and further established itself as an expert in outdoor sports. With shoes like the Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX or the Salomon XA Pro 3D, they have set new standards in running and other sports.

Salomon sneaker as a lifestyle product

However, the step into the lifestyle market came in 2015 with the first sneaker for the street. Clothes and other sneakers such as variants of the Salomon Speedcross quickly followed. Salomon has always remained true to its roots and still designs its sneakers in the typical functional-technical style. While the bright colors were previously important for good visibility in nature, they are now a visual highlight and meet the vibe of our time. Even in casual wear, the sporty performance is interpreted as street style. 

Their authentic but visionary nature is also reflected in other areas, such as production. After this was previously located in Asian countries, Salomon has opened a large automated factory in France in 2021 and has thus managed where other major manufacturers have failed so far. 

The most desirable Salomon sneakers

The current outdoor hype has of course contributed to the success of Salomon’s lifestyle shoes. However, they owe their popularity mainly to their unique design: the functional elements and bright colors that are important for outdoor sports are mixed with street style to create a very individual look – far from the mainstream.

Probably the undisputed leader among sneakers is the Salomon XT 6. Originally, the silhouette was designed for trail running and almost completely disappeared from the market. The remake of the original functional shoe comes in really cool colors and classic white or black. With its features such as the specially developed damping system, durable materials and optimal fit, the XT 6 is not only a really good sneaker, but can still be used for trail running or similar. 

Another sneaker favorite is the Salomon Speedcross 3. Like the Salomon XT 6, the Speedcross was actually a shoe for trail running. Thanks to the outdoor hype, however, the sporty look became increasingly popular for leisure use as well, and the company gave the Speedcross a new look. The typical lug profile for the silhouette guarantees the best surefootedness with a comfortable grip at the same time. 

Besides the sporty sneakers, the most popular functional shoes are the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX or also the Salomon Speedcross 5, which – unlike the Speedcross 3 – is more in line with its origins again and is the new trail running favorite.

Design, technology and passion

The story of Salomon shows how you can inspire a new audience and at the same time manage to stay true to your roots. They don’t swim in the mainstream, but do their thing – and that comes across! 

The bright colors originally had nothing to do with fashion, but were primarily a safety aspect. Until today, these colors and the sporty-functional style characterize the shoes. In addition, Salomon uses techniques that they have developed and perfected over the years. They turn the products from accessories to important tools for athletes. The Mud Contagrip® technology ensures maximum grip with optimal adhesion and sharp-edged lug design – especially on loose surfaces. EnergyCell™+ technology is also a real gamechanger in trail running: the resilient midsole material provides exceptional energy return while offering cushioning and durability.

The authentic passion that drives Salomon is also reflected in its social and environmental responsibility. For example, the Fondation Salomon is committed to the social and professional reintegration of riders and mountain professionals who are physically disabled due to an accident or illness. The company also supports various environmental organizations such as the Fondation Eau, Neige & Glace (Annecy), which aim to improve the management of mountain water resources.

The “light-hearted free thinkers

The company’s goal from the beginning has been to develop products so that people can enjoy outdoor sports and new challenges. Simplicity and commitment are as much a part of their values as imagination and belonging. They describe themselves as light-hearted free thinkers who continuously work to improve their products. Salomon doesn’t swim with the tide, but sometimes takes new paths for its goals. Always with contact to the ground. Behind this is a unique dynamic, which carries away and is reflected in the products – we think that’s really good! 

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