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Puma and the celebrities

As Kanye West and YEEZY were to adidas, Rihanna and Fenty were to Puma. The brand from Herzogenaurach put so much trust in the superstar that she became creative director and ambassador for her very own line, and it proved to be true. Fans of the singer have stood shoulder to shoulder, for hours in front of stores to buy one of the Puma Fenty Creeper and possibly even resell it for a profit.

It was a similar story with the first colorway of the Puma Thunder. Puma managed to deliver a lifestyle sneaker all on its own, which was not only sold out after less time, but also created anticipation among sneakerheads and convinced them with its shape and colorway.

Since last year, rap mogul Jay-Z has been creative director of Puma Basketball and has since provided a lot of fresh air. Athletes such as Vince Carter, DeMarcus Cousins or Rudy Gay now wear the feline predator onm nd next to the court and increased the visibility of the formstrip in the NBA enormously. The relevant silhouette of the Clyde Court, which was especially in the U.S., quite well received and the one or the other successful launch could book.

The Chinatown Market x Puma collection is also absolutely worth mentioning and was one of the biggest successes in the sneaker year 2019.

Puma Classics – buy current Puma models

In addition to the new models mentioned earlier, Puma also has classics like the Suede and the Clyde in its repertoire. These enjoy the highest popularity in their own niches. Break dancers buy several dozen pairs of Puma Suede during their lifetime to perform acrobatic dance moves in them. The most classic colorway is probably the navy colorway with formstrip in white. The formstrip is the stripe that adorns the sides of Puma sneakers. It was first used on football shoes in the 1950s to increase the stability of the foot.

To see what styles Puma has released recently and in the future, and where you can buy a pair from the brand, check out this overview of current Puma models.