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New Balance – a valuable history

A brand that has managed to stay true to its values for over 100 years without negative gossip: New Balance is one of the oldest and at the same time most successful sports brands in the world. What initially began with orthopedic insoles developed in the sixties into the most popular running shoe of American college teams and today, thanks to models like the New Balance 990, it’s hard to imagine the lifestyle sector without it.

Despite its success, the company has remained grounded and has held fast to its values since its founding. Innovative spirit, highest quality and a portion of courage paired with respectful treatment and responsible corporate governance are the cornerstones of the company. How it all began and which models you should know, we reveal in this article!

In the beginning was the chicken

New Balance was founded in 1906 by the English immigrant and shoemaker William Riley. For many years, the core business of the Boston-based company was orthopedic shoe insoles, which revolutionized the market at the time. The reason: the specially shaped insoles even helped people who spent a lot of time standing or walking every day. Riley actually has his chickens to thank for the idea behind it: he discovered that they found the ideal balance through their three claws – and developed the three-pronged insole. By the way, that’s where the company name New Balance comes from.

When his daughter and her husband took over the company, the next milestone was set: They developed the New Balance Tackster, a running shoe with a wavy sole. It quickly became the most popular running shoe for college teams and gave the company annual sales of $1 million.

But that wasn’t the end of the story: With the sale of the company to Jim Davis and the running boom in the USA in the seventies, New Balance reached a whole new dimension. Sales suddenly skyrocketed and New Balance launched more product lines with new designs thanks to Davis and his wife. International distribution channels and the first clothing collections followed.

With sales of more than $4 billion, New Balance is now the fourth-largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world and the only brand that is still owner-operated. Chapeau!

Strong values

“Our values keep us focused not only on winning, but on how we win.”

If the company had wanted to become number 1, they would certainly have managed it. The know-how was there, and so was enough time. But that was never New Balance’s goal. The will to equip athletes with the best shoes to make them even more successful is something New Balance has in common with many other sportswear brands. What makes them unique are their strong values that have been with them since the company’s inception. New Balance stands for movement – whether in professional sports, for hobby runners or in everyday life. It is meant to bring people together and create a sense of community. It’s less about competition and more about the enthusiasm for the sport itself.

With a lot of heart, the company tries not only to produce insanely good products, but also to do their part for the future. They follow a zero waste policy and have their own foundation for medical and social projects. In this way, they support the well-being and health of children and families worldwide and show what it means to take social responsibility.

The hottest silhouettes

The origins of New Balance shoe manufacturing were in the running industry. Since the Davis takeover, New Balance shoes have stood for sporty design with versatile color and style palettes – in professional sports as well as in the lifestyle sector.

The shoes are mainly produced in the USA and England. The company deliberately avoids the cheapest production at the expense of local working conditions and the quality of the materials. In addition, the company is one of the few manufacturers where you can choose not only the shoe size, but also the width. From “tight” to “extra-extra-wide” everything is there.

Besides the New Balance 2002r and the New Balance 992, there are three other models that you should definitely know about!

The New Balance 530

Launched in the early nineties, the New Balance 530 silhouette is a retro-style running shoe. The upper is usually a mix of mesh and leather and available in various colorways. However, it is not only visually reminiscent of the classic running shoe models, but can also score points with technical innovations: Thanks to the ENCAP® midsole and the ABZORB® foam for excellent cushioning, it always provides the stability required for running with the corresponding comfort.

With its chunky sole, it’s right on trend with the 90s look, just like the New Balance 725, which is why it’s also totally hyped as a casual sneaker.

The New Balance 574

At the end of the eighties, the New Balance 574 came on the market and is still one of the most popular models among sneakerheads. A clear structure and simple design paired with modern colorways make it an absolute fav. It was intentionally not developed as a showcase for the highest quality materials or most innovative technologies, but as an all-rounder that can do a lot. And that’s what makes this shoe so successful!

As a visual hybrid of terrain and road, it must of course also have something up its sleeve technically: The innovative ENCAP® cushioning technology provides support with every step through the special sole, creating the ideal mix of design and function.

The New Balance 550

Along with the New Balance 480, the 550 is also a true retro classic and is currently experiencing a new hype. Formerly made for professional basketball, the shoe provides the hip vintage vibe with the scaled-down logo on the side and the thick sole with color highlights. The upper is a mix of mesh and leather in a very clean design and fits any style.

The almost forgotten sneaker started a successful comeback with the collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore. But also all other release colors were immediately sold out and the sneaker is now running up and down with stars and influencers. The New Balance 550 is now even considered the biggest competitor to the Nike Air Force 1 or the adidas YEEZY.

Cult sneaker with an eye for the whole

There is no question that New Balance can make insanely good sneakers. Not only are they constantly working on new technologies and innovative details, but they also have an eye for trends. But New Balance stands for more than just sneakers and sportswear: for them, there is no compromise between quality and social justice. That’s why they produce mainly in the UK and the USA and are committed to a sustainable future where no one loses.

New Balance is a sneaker label with a passion for sports and design – and with its heart in the right place!

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