13 KangaROOS Releases

13 KangaROOS Sneakers already released

Performance since the very beginning

With architectural flair and the ambition of a passionate runner, Bob Gamm laid the foundation of the label in the late seventies. Time and again, during his running laps, he pondered the question: “Where to put the key?” and in 1979 he delivered the answer with the KangaROOS: a running shoe with an integrated pocket. Inspired by the Australian animals, the shoes were not only meant to be practical, but also to provide decent speed. 

The first model, the Combat, makes a steep drop: The shoe runs directly at the top through the home stretch of the Boston City Marathon. The runner Bill Rodgers not only beat his own record, but also the American record – a rocket start for the shoe label. KangaROOS storms the world market and also makes a name for itself in other sports with various models. The shoes are quickly in demand like no other sneaker and are the new must-have in the streetwear sector. 

With Clyde Drexler, one of the best NBA players of all time, the manufacturer ignites the next rocket: Drexler wins gold at the Olympics and goes down in history – along with his KangaROOS. 

Hyped silhouettes

From the very first model, the performance of the shoes played a key role. After all, Gamm himself was an avid runner and always on the lookout for “even better.” But of course, other factors such as appearance and sustainability are also mainstays of the success of KangaROOS shoes. There are now countless cool colorways that are highly sought after. Among other things, the sneakers are produced in Germany, namely under the “Made in Germany” line. Thus, KangaROOS sets new standards in terms of quality and sustainability, because the shoes are made by hand and with high-quality materials such as calfskin. But which styles are in particular demand?

KangaROOS Originals

Under this line you will find vintage style sneakers that absolutely meet the current fashion trend. Both the KangaROOS shoes for women and the men’s line offer a wide selection and have the right sneaker for every taste. Models like the Coil or the Aussie come with a material mix of different types of leather and mesh as well as various fresh or retro colorways. You’ll find a little more dad shoe character in silhouettes like the Exo II Ultimate, where vintage style meets modern colors. 

KangaROOS Made in Germany

Since 2011, Hummel & Hummel Schuhmanufaktur in the Palatinate has been manufacturing KangaROOS’ popular premium line. Collabos like the “What’s Beef” or “Bobby’s Gin” are currently ultra hyped and only produced in a small edition. The add-ons like extra laces or coins make these special collabos real collector’s items. 

And by the way, you can order your very own customized sneakers, namely with the ROOS ID: the handmade Coil R2 can be personalized on the tongue for that very special outfit finish.


The skater and vintage style also arrives at the little ones – because the Kickx line for boys and girls really goes off. The KangaROOS kids’ shoes for kids and teens offer the usual comfort with the best quality, because the sneakers have to withstand a lot in everyday life. The Lites and Invader are the ideal shoes for every day and come in a sporty design. But the Easy silhouette is also very popular and comes with a lacing as well as a Velcro closure. For the little ones, the RI Lites are a real eye-catcher and offer stability and high comfort.

More than just a bag

The label became known through the practical bag, in which the house key or money could be stowed without disturbing while running. The kangaroo was the ideal logo, because it not only carries the bag, but is also known for its enormous speed. However, Gamm was not satisfied with the bag alone. As a runner, performance and comfort were just as important to him as practical details. So KangaROOS kept researching the latest technologies and developed the Dynacoil cushioning system, which is integrated into the sole. This technology is used by NASA for Apollo space travel and is made of a shock-absorbing material that also ensures optimized posture and guarantees safe movement. 

Of course, KangaROOS also has a lot going for it visually and is a fashion sports brand that is hyped worldwide. With their styles, they have always had their finger on the pulse and have also integrated the current dadshoe and retro trend into their designs. In addition to high quality and a lot of experience in various sports, the label offers the right sneaker for every function and has especially stepped on the gas in the lifestyle sector. So KangaROOS are more than just the shoes with the bag – and they’re really giving substance right now. We like!