12 Autry sneaker Releases

12 Autry sneaker Sneakers already released

The Autry sneaker – the “shoe with the American flag” is back

Do you like the vintage style from the eighties and value high-quality shoes that not everyone has? With the relaunch of the classic Autry sneaker, the formerly Texas-based manufacturer delivers a trendy retro look with the latest technology in top quality – an absolute highlight for all sneaker fans!  Autry not only celebrated the comeback with a new edition of the original tennis shoe Medalist, but also launched other models and its own clothing collection – and that’s certainly not the end of the road! We have examined the lifestyle brand for you and take a look at the company and of course the trendiest model.

About Autry

Tennis pros and lots of aerobics videos with colorful leggings and sweatbands – that, along with mullets and roller skates, defined the eighties. It was precisely with this vibe that Texan Jim Autry founded a sports label in Dallas in 1982 and managed to make Autry one of the most successful sports brands in the USA in a very short time.  With his Autry Medalist, he created an all-rounder for the fitness trend of the eighties that not only hit the mark visually, but was also up to sporting demands thanks to the latest technology. It was no longer just a functional sports shoe, but became an absolute fashion icon. The Medalist could be seen in cheeky advertising campaigns and even in Hollywood flicks. In addition to the high quality standards and modern technology, the Autrys owe their fame mainly to their logo: a retro lettering with the American flag.

The comeback

After Jim Autry’s death, it was quiet for a long time about the legendary tennis-look shoes – until three Italian entrepreneurs successfully relaunched them with the new Autry Medalist 2019.  With bright colors, new silhouettes and a clothing line, Autry shoes mix with the vintage look among streetware brands, picking up where they left off in the Eighties.  The company’s headquarters have also changed: The headquarters of the former Texan manufacturer is now in Italy, while Autry shoes are produced in Indonesia.

Top seller: The Autry Medalist

Rarely does a shoe record such success over decades as the Autry Medalist. Bright colors and different leathers provide a fresh touch, but in no way steal the show from the classic look. Because that’s exactly what makes it stand out: the nostalgic flag, the thick sole and its silhouette put it right in line with the vintage trend. The idea behind the Autry sneaker was to create an all-rounder that is not only suitable for one single sport. True to the style of the eighties, it should be the right footwear for tennis athletes as well as for aerobics fans and runners. This meant moving away from the classic, rather thin tennis sole to a more stable shoe with perfect support.  Visually, the classic version of the sneaker from the eighties is kept entirely in white leather. The rather wide sole ensures a good stand and gives the shoe a real retro feeling, not least due to the yellowish color. Of course, the practical mudguard and the perforated toebox cannot be missing from a formerly functional shoe for sports. Both are also made of white leather and visually separated from the rest of the shoe by stitching.  Even today, the yellowish sole provides the finishing touch to the retro look and is characteristic of the entire Autry range. Especially with the Autry sneaker ladies, colorful leather and fine details provide the special touch and make it a must-have. In addition, the Autry ladies also have many monochrome variants, which again have a very unique character. The Autry sneakers men differ only now and then in color from the Autry ladies. The sneakers are timeless and at the same time so versatile that they fit almost every outfit.

Which Autry sneakers are still popular? 

Besides the Autry Medalist, there are 3 other silhouettes. The Autry Dallas is generally simpler and more designed for leisure. The white leather is only complemented by a colorful back cap, making the shoe look very subtle. The Bob Lutz range is similar to the Dallas, but here the sole stands out much more against the white leather with a more intense yellow. The highlight, of course, is the graphic of tennis player Bob Lutz on the lug of the sneaker. The Autry Open sneaker, on the other hand, is bulkier and has more vintage character. Bright colors complement the white leather and provide that certain something.  What makes Autry so successful is largely due to the classic design of their sneakers. Jim Autry had the right nose back then and enough courage to turn the traditional tennis shoe into a timeless all-rounder, thus securing the company a real unique selling point. The new designers picked up where he left off and used details to bridge the gap between the eighties look and modern trends. But it is not only the design that has played a major role in the brand’s success. The high quality standards make the classic Autry sneakers not only a stylish lifestyle shoe, but also a high-quality and functional sports shoe. The wider silhouette and thick sole ensure optimal support and a good fit. But don’t worry – due to lining and soft rubber it is still comfortable and cushions well.  A special highlight are the Super Vintage Medalists. Using various techniques, the shoes are given a used look in the finest manual work, which makes each pair unique. The work is very detailed and even the laces are given a frayed look. For example, the Super Vintage Medalist Autry green with gray is in great demand.

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