With the Transit sneaker you get early access to the Brompton CHPT3

Riding a bike is cool. Especially with the right bike and the right accessories. Brompton reunites that soon. Because Brompton Bikes not only takes care of the craziest bikes, but is now also launching the Transit sneaker together with Priority Athletics. The world's first cycling shoe that you can wear all day. And not only that, if you are among the first 500 buyers of the shoe, you will get early access to the popular Brompton CHPT3. All information about the release of the Transit Sneaker and the CHPT3 can be found here in the article.

Many of you may be wondering who Brompton is and why a bike sneaker is necessary. We explain it to you. Brompton is a British bicycle manufacturer. They have been building folding bikes that are designed for a sustainable lifespan since 1975. The vision: an easier way to get around the city. The founder, Andrew Ritchie, and all employees succeeded in doing this. The Brompton bikes are foldable, technically first class and super cool. There are now also electric bikes and a collaboration with Barbour. And if you own such a nice bike, you also need the right sneakers, of course. Let's take a closer look at them now.


There will be four models in two colors. One each black and white with the option of an SPD compatible sole. SPD stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. The cycling pros will already know: This allows you to click your shoe into the pedals and pedal more efficiently, more stable and more comfortably. The sneaker is totally minimalist and goes with almost everything. Incidentally, the designer behind the shoe is James Carnes, former Global Creative Director and Head of Brand Strategy at Adidas and one of the world's leading innovators in footwear. Carney designed the sneaker from the ground up for urban cycling. It is silent when you walk with the SPD model. This is the coolest feature for us. The shoes are made in Germany. The sneaker is aesthetic but works like a cycling shoe. Check out the pictures and if you need a new sneaker for cycling, you should strike, because there is also a reward for the first 500 buyers: inside.


The first 500 buyers get early access to the Brompton CHPT3 bike. If you don't know what this bike is all about, you should read on at this point. The bike was built in partnership with CHPT3 – a brand founded by ex-pro cyclist David Millar. The unique Brompton, specially built for CHPT3, attracts experienced cyclists in particular. It's fast, it's stylish and it gets noticed. It is not a racing bike imitation, but a light bike reduced to the essentials, which is also useful in everyday life with a lot of driving dynamics. Three models have been launched since 2015. This year, 2023, the fourth revised version is finally coming. And since the demand is huge, the first 500 buyers of the Transit sneaker also have early access to the CHPT3. After all, what's the best footwear for if the bike isn't right?


The limited Transit sneaker will be released on February 1st at CHPT3.com. The first 500 numbered shoes will then also receive Early Access for the Brompton CHPT3 V4. The price of the sneaker starts at 205 euros. For more news from the world of sneakers, check out our release calendar. If that's too exhausting for you, download our free app and favorite your favorite releases. Then you always have all the information with just two clicks.

Good luck with the release of the Brompton CHPT3 and Transit sneaker.

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Brompton CHPT3
Brompton CHPT3
Brompton CHPT3
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