Nike Dunk Toddler and JD Sports

Although the number of Nike Dunk releases, including the Nike Dunk Toddler and a Full Family Sizerun, has been getting higher and higher in recent weeks, it still seems almost impossible to get one of the coveted new colorways at the moment.


Only the Toddler Dunks seem to be consistently in the odd shop, like the friends and colleagues at Foot Locker. But JD Sports also had some colourways and probably a higher stock than the competition, because we saw a lot of sales of Toddler Dunks there too. But speaking of JD, what's going on? Of course, we too have noticed the problem that currently prevails at JD Sports with regard to outstanding deliveries and refunds. I remember an NMD release a few years ago that caused similar problems. The release was also very popular back then and the online shop and all payment functions were completely torn apart by the bots. I can imagine a similar scenario here, which of course is no excuse for the lack of feedback that JD Sports has been awaiting for weeks. Don't get us wrong, we too are big fans of good customer service and customer-oriented communication. But we actually suspect that some releases involve significantly more hacking than we actually realize. Anyway – we'll ask around tomorrow and see if we can find something out for you, because at least we all agree that JD is a reputable dealer

Back to the topic: at least the black and white Nike Dunk Toddler is still available at Foot Locker. I myself have secured two sizes – one for the shelf and one for the collection. For the price I think it's okay! Incidentally, we can still expect further releases of the normal men's and women's models in the next few weeks, but the quantities here will continue to be very small. In addition, there are additional delivery difficulties on the part of the factories and the deliverers such as DPD or UPS. Sometimes it is even the case that not even complete size runs are delivered to the stores. And of course that is deadly for us collectors given the high demand.


However, if you also want to hit the toddler dunk, simply click on the following image or the button integrated in the article. If you don't have our app yet, take a look here . It's definitely worth stopping by, especially if you don't want to browse through all the shops and pages yourself.

And here you can find more pictures of the Nike Dunk Toddler:

Nike Dunk Toddler
Nike Dunk Toddler
toddler dunk

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