Jägermeister BEST NIGHTS collection

Jägermeister's streetwear journey started in 2019 and we're pretty proud to have been part of it back then . We are all the more pleased that another collection is being launched and that we are once again on board.

After we were part of the campaign for the design collection in 2019 and supported Jägermeister at the launch, we are also involved in this year's BEST NIGHTS collection. The biggest update here is that we are no longer talking about a Germany-wide drop, but the BEST NIGHTS pieces will be available in a whopping 22 countries. We are going international baby!

Speaking of international – what is the best way to present a collection with cross-border flair if not through talents who are at home in different parts of the world? This year I share the spotlight with: Bloody Osiris from New York, Lisa Anckarman from Sweden, DALYB from Slovakia and the coolest grandpa in Germany – Gramps. All four are inspiring, stylish personalities who make statements with their work. Bloody Osiris shares styling tips with Travis Scott when he's not walking down a runway. Lisa is also known for her taste and runs a YouTube channel that encourages you to be yourself. Dalibor Stofan aka DALYB is a producer, DJ and model. His passion for fashion has already brought him to editorials for Vogue. Last but not least there is Gramps, who was also part of the 2019 campaign with me and took the streetwear world by storm when pictures of him in Supreme, Jordan and Co were posted by his grandson. Last but not least, there is Christopher Blumenthal aka Deadstock, who for his charming manner and cool looks… just kidding. You probably already know me, and if not, welcome. The special thing about this year's shooting is that each of the talents organized their own shooting due to the Corona Pandemic. In this case, we weren't just there as models, but also as content creators and art directors. Everyone has set up their own personal, small studio in their own four walls and started producing.

Although we all live in different countries or even continents, we all share the creativity with which we approach things and the passion for streetwear. Let's continue, so continue with the BEST NIGHTS collection and take a look at what Jägermeister is launching.

The BEST NIGHTS collection will be released on January 31st and combines established Jägermeister brand symbols with streetwear elements and the vibes of the night. There are 12 limited pieces in total. The result is more than impressive. The pieces are made from 100% organic cotton and carry the Jägermeister DNA – but in a subtle and stylish way. For example, the styles adorn the coordinates of Wolfenbüttel, the birthplace of the brand. A shirt from the collection even hides an AR experience: a special Instagram filter makes elements of the shirt print visible that otherwise remain in the dark for the time being (NIGHTS – in the dark – here I am again at the keyboard doing magic) . The parts of the BEST NIGHTS collection come with a variety of details and are of high quality, Made in the EU. Our favorite parts are the shirts and hoodies. The soft material, the look and the fit are just great!

The Pieces are a tribute to the best nights with our friends – nights full of action and fun that are currently denied to us in this form due to the pandemic. The BEST NIGHTS collection is not intended to rub salt in the wound, but to give confidence that these nights will soon be experienced. We have a lot of hope that it won't be long before we can have boozy evenings with our loved ones again, arm in arm with our best.

The Jägermeister BEST NIGHTS collection drops on 31.1. at 3:00 p.mand will be available via www.bestnights.com . Sweatpants, hoodies, shirts, socks, beanies and scarves are available. Parts are strictly limited, so don't wait too long before you snag it. At Deadstock, we miss the homies as much as you do and celebrate the line's message. Hopefully the world will open up again soon and we can finally spend long summer nights together again, or stroll through the Christmas market.

Here are some pictures from the collection:

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